2015 Annual Report

Annual Report COOPI 2015

Last Saturday, September 17th, COOPI opened its old Boldinasco farmstead  to the public in occasion of the second edition of COOPI Cascina Aperta : an event pivoting around the presentation of COOPI’s Annual Report 2015, which resumes COOPI’s last year goals and future targets.

 “2015 was a very intense year, marked by serious humanitarian crises, and the entire international cooperation world was obliged to call on all its strength to respond repeatedly to these.” – explained Director Ennio Miccoli.

COOPI in 2015 helped amost 2.3 million of people, by implementing 179 humanitarian projects  scattered among 24 countries and engaging 98 international operators and 3.000 local operators – big outcomes requiring  COOPI’s restless efforts on increasing effectiveness.

The Report draws on COOPI’s quest of Transparency, it being a cardinal criteria for the description of COOPI’s governance and lines of interventions,  and fully describes its multi-sectoral impact.

To provide some key facts and figures:

  • 700 children associated with armed groups reintegrated with their families;
  • 400,000 people in emergency contexts fed through food distribution;
  • Nutritional support for 100,000 children, 11,000 pregnant women and nursing mothers;
  • 520,000 people benefitted from increased activities reinforcing capacity of Disaster Risk Reduction;
  • 887 families improved their access to Energy;
  • Provided safe access to potable water for 80,000 people;
  • Facilitated the access to primary education for more than 80,000 children.

The Annual Report 2015 was realised by taking into account the guidelines on drafting of annual reports by non-profit organisations published in 2010 by the Agenzia per le Onlus (Italian agency for non-profit organisations) and the Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines widely used at international level.

For further information go on COOPI web site and download the full Annual Report 2015.

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