A journey to Mellit: ECHO’s audits visit our project in Sudan


Auditors don’t only revise documents at their desks; they also visit the most distant communities and ensure that the reality reflects the reports. They make sure that the funding has reached the most needy people and that the services are delivered in a timely, sustainable and accountable manner.

In January 2017, Fabio Beltramini – COOPI’s Head of Mission in Sudan – received in North Darfur region a team of ECHO’s auditors from the consultancy firm PKF Little John. The two auditors, Jeremy Lesage and Amos Kipchu, came to carry out a review of our project: Multi-sector action for enhancing local response and preparedness capacities for vulnerable population in North Darfur, Sudan.

Visiting Doling Keta and Kosa

coopi sudan“When Lesage and Kipchu arrived, they spent a week in COOPI’s Khartoum and El Fasher offices. Then, on the 23rd and 24th of January 2017, they started their visit to our projects on the field” tells our Head of Mission Fabio Beltramini. “We left at 9am from the UNAMID base in El Fasher, escorted by a Rwandan battalion, and we drove 65km on a sand strip towards Mellit (in the North). On the road we had an ordeal: we had to stop to change a wheel of one of our jeeps. It’s the kind of things that happen when you cross the desert by car…” he smiles. Then he continues: “Once in Mellit, we had lunch and a briefing on the visit at the COOPI and UNAMID base, which is run by the Pakistanis with a mixture of bataillons from Ghana, Rwanda, Buthan and Nigeria. In the afternoon we visited Doling Keta village, where we upgraded a hand dug well to a hand pump well. This intervention simplified the population’s access to water”.

The day after, our team accompanied the auditors to Kosa village, not so far from Sayah (sub-locality of Mellit). In Kosa village, the intervention of COOPI’s project has consisted in upgrading a hand dug well to a mini-water yard: a great change for the inhabitants’ everyday life.

They couldn’t stop saying “thank you!”

WP_20170123_16_31_58_ProWhen the locals saw the visiting auditors, they showed up in hundreds either at Doling Keta either at Kosa. They couldn’t stop saying “thank you!”: they were grateful to ECHO for its contribution towards improving water access. However, they asked if more wells could be dug or rehabilitated; in fact, the scarcity of water in the area causes tensions among the villages (some sporadic violence episode for the control of the few water resources available has been registered in that area). The auditors interviewed the members of the Water Committees, who explained the organization of the water distribution, showed the number of women represented in the Committees and how the whole village and neighboring communities will now benefit from this.

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