CAR: let us protect vulnerable refugees

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South Sudan has experimented a multi-sectorial crisis for a decade. This crisis is aggravated by the spirit of insecurity that is growing due to the presence of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). This uncontrolled stregth operates without any disturbance and it harms civilians: rapes, sackings, burned villages, killings and homicides, kidnappings of children and adults, forced recruitments of children by armed groups and others atrocities happen daily. The population is forced to leave the country to take refuge in the Central African Republic to escape the conflict. According with the most recent evaluations are 4080 the South Sudanese refugees at Bambouti, near the border.

What are we doing?

COOPI has been intervened in the Haut Mbomou prefecture since 2009 with a multi-sectorial program of protection and education created for the promotion of the rights of the children and the women. In Haut Mbomou region the majority of the refugee girls and boys are not educated, have not access to medical cares, sanitary services and drinkable water. Moreover, in this post conflicted situation, the security of children and women is put in danger. The COOPI project on support for the protection of refugees and the vulnerable population of Obo (Haut Mbomou) aims to offer protection to 140,000 beneficiaries, thanks to UNICEF funding. The aim of this intervention is to help the most vulnerable subjects among south Sudanese refugees in CAR to find again normality in their own lives.

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