Testamentary bequest with COOPI

Be present in the world with a part of yourself
and you will spread joy and hope


A testamentary bequest with COOPI is a gesture of love and a precious gift to whom it is given. As a generous and disinterested choice, it is possible to change the fate of the most fragile population, projecting one’s own values to the future and thereby guaranteeing continuity to the ideals and feelings matured during one’s life.

Every single heritage strengthens and makes COOPI’s commitment more concrete within the countries it operates. New opportunities are given to thousands of people and their children. To support COOPI means to be always present where there is joy, where hope is born and where every person’s life has more dignity.

“We are a drop that falls and grows as a grass leaf, which could become a tree tomorrow, many growing grass leaves together will decrease the desert of poverty”
Father Barbieri

What is a bequest?

It’s a gesture that gives continuity to our will.
Many people view testimentary bequests with fear, but they are the only tool that allows us:
to choose whom to entrust our goods;
to be close to our relatives;
to support a good cause.

How to make a bequest?

Making a bequest is simple, cheap and safe.There are three types of wills:
holograph, prepared by the testator;
public, drawn up by a solicitor in presence of the testator and two witnesses;
secret, written by the testator and delivered to the solicitor.

When to start thinking about a bequest?

Having grown older, every moment is the right moment to make this decision.
When you have the feeling of doing something for a good cause, the thought of always being there and changing the lives of the most fragile becomes urgent.

Why dedicate a bequest to COOPI?

Arranging a bequest with COOPI means to stay close to all the women, men and children who are experiencing extremely difficult situations in the poorest regions of the world.

We have five precise objectives

Water and hygiene,
in order to increase hope


Food security,
to feed every dream


because every project originates from here


because smiles aren’t turned down


Remote support,
together we will achieve great things



Let the protagonists say their words

lasciti_LedaLeda’s choice

“It was winter 2003 when I met P. Barbieri and thanks to him I was introduced to COOPI. A lot of time has passed since that cold winter and now I support 14 children through COOPI. Barbieri’s words and actions made me understand how my existence can have a more intense meaning. This is why I decided to include COOPI in my will. COOPI is the only unalterable point in my will, I will never doubt or rethink this decision: it’s my best choice, only like this I know that my desire to alleviate the suffering of the people from the South of the world will continue, even after me.”


Alessandro’s storyAndrea_Sanna_Lasciti_testamentari

“My uncle, Andrea Sanna, has always been very attentive to the needs of others. He always showed great passion for social issues; his political passion and the countless documentaries he made during his career as a director are the evidence for his interest.
His great passion has always been followed by gestures of concrete support to entities working for a better and fairer world. In particular, he got to known COOPI during a mission in South America and has been an active supporter ever since. In fact, from 2004, he started to support COOPI’s projects regularly, because he shared the values and principles firmly, reassured by the concreteness and transparency with which operators carried out the projects.
With the hope and the confidence that this generous gesture will help to create a better tomorrow for the people he left behind, Andrea Sanna decided to have COOPI in his last will.”



For more information

Do you have any other questions about the significance of a bequest? Talk to Luisa Colzani who will advise you and clarify all your doubts. You can also request a free brochure that explains how bequests work.

Luisa Colzani
COOPI – Cooperazione Internazionale
Via Francesco De Lemene 50, 20151 Milano
email lasciti@coopi.org
Tel. 02 3085057

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