Shared values create partnerships, which make a difference in the world

The involvement of companies is fundamental to our work in the important economic and social challenges it undertakes. Each new collaboration, being characterised by transparency and the aspiration to a common good, is an opportunity to drive forward a humanitarian project and bring a new dimension to the company.
A social action aimed towards the achievement of concrete results, characterised by responsible business conduct amidst an international context: collaborating with COOPI means involvement, equality, and a new outlook towards a better future, for everyone.

Sponsor a child

Change takes place one step at a time, and sponsoring a child is significant as a means to bring forth such change. Your company can help us to do this even more quickly. By sponsoring one or more children, you will help change the lives of many children.

Support a campaign

Your company can win a challenge by working with us.

Support an awareness-and-fundraising campaign, and put your brand at the forefront of a humanitarian cause.

Become a project partner

Provide concrete help where it is needed most. Discover the projects and emergencies which COOPI implements and deals with in the field. Your company can demonstrate its commitment to social responsibility towards an entire community.


Happy season togheter

With COOPI, your company can celebrate Christmas season with someone else. Make a charitable donation to your employees, clients and suppliers, and give the gift of happiness to the men, women, and children throughout the world to whom we provide care. With our e-cards, postcards, notes and handicrafts, happiness can reach the most remote corners of the globe.

Donate goods and services

Fund the supply of goods, services, and tools for daily use: development and future need tools to become a reality. Your company can donate these things to COOPI’s projects around the world.

Causes related marketing

Your brand can become a symbol of solidarity, contributing to and associating with a cause with a high social and humanitarian profile. Increase your company’s visibility and bring hope to needy people around the world.
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Companies we have worked with

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Tax benefits

As COOPI is an NGO – an officially approved non-governmental organisation pursuant to Law No. 49 of 26/02/1987, as well as a non-profit socially useful organisation pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 460/97, any donor residing in Italy can decide which tax regime will be most beneficial.

Tax relief varies according to the particular regulation governing the donation.
Private donors who choose the tax regime applicable to non-profit socially useful organisations can:
– deduct the donation from their income for an amount up to 10% of the total declared income, up to 70,000 euros per year (Article 14, Paragraph 1 of Legislative Decree 35/05, converted to Law No. 80 of 14/05/2005);
deduct 19% of the amount donated from the gross tax up to a maximum of 2,065.83 euros (Article 15, Paragraph 1, item I-bis of Presidential Decree 917/86).
Private donors who choose the tax regime applicable to NGOs can:
deduct their donation from their income for an amount up to 2% of total declared income (Article 10, Paragraph 1, Item G of Presidential Decree 917/86).


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