Give your valuables a future; leave a bequest to COOPI

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A bequest is a choice for the future; a gift you make today, which can ensure your ideals of solidarity will live on in the future. Supporting COOPI means taking care of those men, women, and children who struggle to live in the poorest areas of the planet, and build a new, secure and long-lasting reality with and for them.

Our founder, Father Barbieri, said, “Whoever leaves a bequest or a donation in their memory is beginning a second life and is leaving a lasting sign of their love for life and others”.

It’s so easy, anyone can do it


Anyone over 18 can make a will and choose to draft it in the presence of a solicitor, who is the most qualified person, or draw up their own will. Wills of all types can be changed and COOPI guarantees confidentiality.


Protect your heirs


You can choose to leave part of your assets to a social cause and a non-profit organisation, to keep the values of solidarity you believe in alive, and at the same time protect your loved ones. The statutory share of the estate for your closest relatives will be unaffected.


A thought today guarantees a tomorrow

A will is the only tool we have that allows us to choose who to leave our assets to and ensure that our wishes are respected. It allows us to be close to our relatives even in the future and at the same time support a good cause, like the one COOPI has implemented to help those who are less fortunate than ourselves.


Solidarity is within reach of everyone


Even if you aren’t wealthy, you can choose to destine part of your assets to an organisation like COOPI. There are so many alternatives: investment funds, fixed assets, insurance and more. Even the severance indemnity fund can constitute a gesture of solidarity which will turn into a concrete, lasting action.


How your bequest will be used

We ensure food security

We treat malnutrition in children

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We guarantee human rights

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We promote access to water

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Some people have already chosen COOPI/First hand experience

“It was winter 2003 when I first met Father Barbieri, and thanks to him I got to know about COOPI, the organisation he founded. I was immediately struck by the work he did for the neediest children and people of Africa. I made the decision to sponsor a little girl immediately.
So much time has passed since that cold winter, but the positivity and hope I felt then I still feel today. I now support 14 children through COOPI. The words and actions of Father Barbieri have helped me to understand how my life, beyond its narrow horizon, can have a deeper meaning.
Since then, solidarity and human commitment have given my life huge significance. This is why I have decided to include COOPI in my will. COOPI is the only fixed point in my will. I have never had doubts or second thoughts about this, and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Only in this way can I be sure that my desire to alleviate the suffering of the populations in the Global South will continue even after I’m no longer here.”


The inclusion of COOPI in your will, or a donation in memory of a loved one, will be a demonstration of great compassion and generosity towards those in need. So, let’s talk about it. We’ll listen to your wishes and advise you accordingly.

For information


Luisa Colzani
Tel. 02 30.85.052

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