Consultants for Project Design

Country Italy
Duty station
Role Consultant
Duration to be defined
Requested experience < 5 years
Posted on 21 novembre 2016
Starting date 15 dicembre 2016
Deadline 27 novembre 2016
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COOPI – Cooperazione Internazionale, is a humanitarian, non-confessional and independent organization funded by father Vincenzo Barbieri in 1965. Nowadays COOPI is involved, with emergency and development projects, in 24 countries such as Africa, Latin America and the Middle East carried out by a professional staff composed by expatriates (around 150 people per year) and locals. Main institutional donors are the European Union, the UN agencies, the Italian Government, local authorities and several European Governments. The headquarter of the organization is based in Milan where 50 people are coordinating the activities.


With the purpose to enhance and increase its own Consultants’ Roster, COOPI – Cooperazione Internazionale is seeking for experts in project design to collaborate on a ongoing basis and/or on short-term missions (from 2 to 10 weeks) in its working areas ( Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean) for multiple areas of intervention: public health and nutrition, protection and education, WaSH, agriculture and food security.


Goals and required results:

To support COOPI during the realization of assessments, the development of project’s proposals, the monitoring and evaluation phase of projects and during trainings of COOPI staff on specific areas (sector-based and project managing) through missions on the field or in the headquarter.

Required qualifications:

  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience of minimum 5 years in the same role
  • Deep knowledge of one or two geographical areas of intervention (particularly Sub-Saharan and the Middle East)
  • Sector-based competences in one of the sectors of intervention of COOPI (public health and nutrition, human rights and protection, WASH , agriculture and food security)
  • Deep knowledge of the main donors (UE, ECHO, UN Agencies, USAID, etc.)
  • Fluency in English and French (written and spoken)
  • Previous experience in staff-training area
  • Demonstrated working skills within insecure environment, under-pressure and in risky areas
  • Willingness to travel within the national area and on the field
  • Able to work in a team
  • Excellent organizational and managerial skills

Knowledge of the Italian language would be an asset.

To apply for this job, please send your CV and a cover letter and in addition 2 or 3 professional references regarding recent previous experiences.


N.B Due to the excessive amount of applications, COOPI does not guarantee a personal response to each candidate. For this reason the HR Office will be in touch only with those valid candidates, after a first screening, for a preliminary interview.

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