Livelihood protection support for families affected by drought

Busley Village Somalia

In Somalia the project “Emergency food security and livelihoods responses to drought affected agro-pastoral communities in Baidoa” aims to save and protect livelihood assets of 700 vulnerable drought affected agro-pastoralists families including women, boys, girls, and female headed households.

Bulla KerowThe project targets most vulnerable women, men, boys and girls who are affected by the prevailing drought in the region as a result of three consecutive rainy season failures and has specific focus on the most vulnerable populations.

To protect key livelihoods assets of agro-pastoralists, livestock belonging to 500 vulnerable agro-pastoralists households  were provided with water for livestock use in response to immediate water needs. The activity is aimed at protecting livestock assets of the drought affected communities from dehydration, opportunistic infections and death. This activity is envisaged to reduce workload and stress on women and girls who are responsible for watering of livestock, in addition, Gender Based Violence associated with fetching and transporting water for long distances will be mitigated through the proposed water trucking.

Water tracking for communities started in the month of April 2017. This project has been made possible with funding from Somalia Humanitarian Fund (SHF).


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