In 1967, COOPI started working in Ecuador. The history of COOPI in this country and its well-consolidated presence across the territory are therefore of great significance and over time we have adapted to cater for the needs of the most disadvantaged communities.

The initial period was marked by development projects in partnership with universities and religious-educational institutes. From the ’90s, the Organisation implemented aid projects in support of communities affected by volcanic eruptions, landslides, flooding, and also boosted local preparedness for and response to events of this nature, by working in tandem with national institutes, research bodies, municipalities and communities.

At the same time, COOPI also carried forward programmes supporting small artisan businesses and Afro-Ecuadorian women. In addition, in 2006 we directed our interventions to the Northern Ecuadorian border, so to promote the integration of the Colombian population in need of international protection.
In the past few years, local policies have restricted the intervention of international cooperation agencies. Thus, COOPI has increasingly played an auxiliary role, offering technical support to local authorities for the execution of local economic development programmes.

* Data about COOPI’s achievements are based on last balance sheet

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