Present in Italy since 1965 with our central headquarters in Milan, COOPI has gradually expanded its sphere of action thanks to regional branches in Trentino and Veneto, working alongside local groups in Brescia, Crema, Milan, Monopoli, Parma, Cagliari and Turin.
Through this network of collaborators and volunteers, we are able to carry out fundraising activities and awareness-raising events to foster links built on solidarity, support and lasting partnerships. It is thanks to volunteers and private donors that we are able to build this bridge of solidarity between Italy and the rest of the world: through the 0.5% of their taxes (5×1000) that Italian citizens are free to devolve as well as through donations made by text messages, to important choices like bequeathing part of their estate to COOPI in their will; through volunteers giving their time and expertise in campaigning activities such as in occasion of the “Wrapping Paper, Ribbons and Solidarity” season campaign.
In addition, COOPI manages from its headquarters a project aimed at improving the use of sustainable, efficient energy technologies for food use in refugee camps and informal settlements in Lebanon, Central African Republic, Haiti and Somalia. It is also involved in a University Masters course in Cooperation and Development in Pavia as regards the development education sector.
COOPI is a member of several networks including Link 2007 and the Italian Observatory for Global action against AIDS, striving to raise public awareness, also lending its support to several awareness-raising campaigns, like “Stop to the use of child soldiers” and “Stop Gambling on Hunger”.

*Data about COOPI’s achievements are based on last balance sheet

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