Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, is home to the branch office of COOPI in Eastern and Southern Africa, and it is from here that we coordinate humanitarian operations in Somalia, Uganda and in Kenya itself.

COOPI has been present in Kenya since 1992 and has managed interventions in rural development; access to water, healthcare and education. It has managed food security projects in response to the periods of severe drought, that regularly affect the country, and it has also improved a number of slums in Nairobi, by building houses and other basic infrastructures.

COOPI focuses particular attention on proper management of natural resources in order to make communities independent and ensure their development is sustainable. Subsequently COOPI has been working for 3 years on a project in Northern Kenya and Southern Ethiopia to manage water-related conflicts. In a context of drought, COOPI mapped the vegetation and water supply sources along the transhumance routes, to identify pasture lands and migratory routes in both wet and dry seasons. Sharing experiences resulted fundamental to raise awareness in the population about better and less confrontational use of resources.

* Data about COOPI’s achievements are based on last balance sheet.

The situation in Kenya

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