COOPI intervened in Lebanon in 2013, at the side of the Syrian population during their escape, most of all, at the sides of women and children.

Nowadays, one million Syrian refugees live in Lebanon. After a period of first emergency in support of the most urgent demands (distribution of covers, clothes, creation of mobile clinics, activities of epidemiologic surveillance and  vaccination programs), for further support, COOPI is implementing interventions of childhood protection, educational support, improving water and basic hygienic and sanitary conditions.

Since COOPI does not only intend to respond to the contingent humanitarian crisis but is also committed in responding in terms of reducing the social tensions between the Lebanese community and the refugees, promoting their social economic integration, in progress are also programs of Cash for Work. The participation of both communities has permitted the rehabilitation of schools, infrastructures and public urban spaces and sport activity areas. Guaranteeing an income to the most vulnerable Syrians and Lebanese does not only mean support for the family, but it means giving back dignity and prospects for the future.

Actually, there are only four members of permanent local staff and one expatriate present in Lebanon. Up to this point, 9 projects have been carried out (10 from May), which have a total value of around 3, 5 Thousand Euros (4, 5 with the next project of May).

*Data about COOPI’s achievements are based on last balance sheet.

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