Paraguay, located in South America, is a landlocked country, which was marked by a military dictatorship lasting 35 years, up until 1989.
In 2001, COOPI started working in the Departments of Concepción, San Pedro, Presidente Hayes, Boquerón and Alto Paraguay, with interventions aimed at the development of rural areas through the support to agricultural cooperatives and small producers and optimization of water access, as well as the implementation of food security programmes for communities prone to prolonged periods of drought or floods.
In addition, COOPI has been praised for its work with indigenous peoples of the Chaco, a territory with great biodiversity but rather geographically and politically isolated. Indeed, humanitarian interventions have been rolled out in conjunction with programmes promoting human rights and the safeguarding of the territory. In addition, we have set up initiatives to favour the socio-economic inclusion of young indigenous people through the enhancement of local resources and promotion of intercultural medicine.
Currently, in tandem with local partners, COOPI is working in the Chaco to promote spaces and methods for peaceful dialogue on the subject matter of t indigenous peoples’ rights and improve local preparedness, coordination and response to floods and droughts.

*Data about COOPI’s achievements are based on last balance sheet

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