Peru is a country marked by drastic social inequality, with great climate variability (floods, landslides) and the El Niño phenomenon.
Since inception in 2000, COOPI has focused great effort to ensure a sustainable development model in the face of challenges posed by increasing environmental vulnerability. The high degree of seismic risk and/or of tsunamis sees us involved on the front line in the urban-metropolitan area of Lima, where we provide support to local government and civil society to mitigate the risks related to natural disasters. Gathering data is an essential part of getting to know the region, and this information can then be passed on to local stakeholders; for this purpose we have produced mapping systems that can be accessed on-line, created with input from the local population, and the data contained therein enables the drafting of evacuation plans and safe assembly zones.
In view of the precarious health and hygiene conditions, we also endeavour to ensure access to drinking water, a healthy environment and the dissemination of good hygiene practices.
In addition, since 2006, we have been running child sponsorship projects to guarantee children and teenagers receive education, food and healthcare.

* Data about COOPI’s achievements are based on last balance sheet.

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