Sierra Leone became infamous for the bloody civil war that tore the country apart for 10 long years. In recent years the country has been experiencing strong recovery, but on 26th May 2014 the Ministry of Health officially declared the outbreak of an Ebola epidemic which, to date, remains the outburstwith the highest ever number of confirmed cases. Thousands of deaths, people’s lives put on hold in order to avoid any contagion, the countryside has been abandoned, the economy has been brought to its knees and thousands more children became orphaned. Today the health emergency is all but over, andits consequences will have a backlash effect on the country’s economic and social fabric lasting for a long time to come.

In 2015 we launched a business development project that aims to boost cashew nut cultivation with improved processing, storage and marketing techniques, so to improve the living conditions of peasant farmers.
In order to protect those children who have lost all or some members of their family to Ebola, we provide nutritional and psychological assistance activities and help reintegrate them into society to avoid the potential consequences (stigma, abandonment, malnutrition) of having been in some way affected by Ebola. Since 2006, we have been providing child sponsorship projects.

Lastly, to relaunch the economy, we are running a project to promote the use of renewable energies- the aim being to guarantee a supply of clean electricity, provide better public services and boost employment.

*Data about achievements by COOPI are based on the last balance sheet.

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