Somalia is a country devastated by over 20 years of civil war. Its human development indicators remain the worst in the world and the humanitarian situation is extremely fragile: over 1 million people are still displaced and the country is regularly hit by droughts and by frequent escalations of violence.

In response to such large crisis, COOPI has been running projects since 1984 on health, food security, water and hygiene to improve the living conditions of thousands of vulnerable families. To address the lack of basic healthcare, we provide emergency medical services and outpatient clinics for the treatment of HIV and tuberculosis. We also work to guarantee safe and regular access to drinkable water by restoring water supply points and we also work to promote good hygiene practices and the construction of latrines.

In addition, to address the severe food insecurity, we distribute seeds, agricultural tools and food vouchers, we train farmers and shepherds in the best practices for crop cultivation and livestock care.
Our ongoing activities in Somalia are managed from our coordination office in Nairobi due to the great political instability affecting the country.

*Data about COOPI’s achievements are updated until October 2017.

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