An organisation operating as part of a network

It is in the spirit of COOPI to operate as part of a network by collaborating, supporting and obtaining support from a multitude of stakeholders who are often miles apart, geographically, culturally and/or economically speaking. This rich variety of input translates into effective action in response to humanitarian crises, and it ensures the establishment of sustainable development processes.

Given such a characteristic, COOPI is increasingly becoming a facilitator which:

facilitates the matching of useful resources to social needs, thanks to an in-depth knowledge of the contexts in which it operates and to the good reputation the organisation has built up over years of working in the field;

promotes the local economy and the empowerment of the populations in the Global South, thanks to its ability to galvanize the best energies in the communities in which it operates through open participatory processes based on principles of democracy, equality, and support for the weakest;

enhances the impact of its interventions in the field, thanks to its ability to promote and coordinate collaborations with local partners, other NGOs, and local and international institutions;

drives a virtuous cycle of trust with financial backers and donors, doing so by adopting transparent procedures based on best management practices to ensure appropriate and efficient use of available funds;

promotes cultural change also in the Global North, through a constant activity of feedback, organisation and participation in initiatives on the subject and media communication activities.

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