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Research and Innovation

COOPI regards improving the quality of its programs continuously as key to its work, in order to be able to respond to the ever-increasing needs of the populations in the areas in which it operates, areas where crises are often deep-rooted and lengthy. For this reason, COOPI promotes and establishes relationships with a variety of partners, such as research centres and universities, in order to be able to innovate and improve the quality of its interventions. One example of this is our partnership with the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD) [French Research Institute for Development], which enables us to conduct vulnerability studies in areas exposed to natural risks (earthquakes, floods, drought, for example), through the creation of geographical information systems. Another area of research, carried out in conjunction with the Polytechnic University of Milan, concerns access to sustainable energy solutions in times of crisis.
For COOPI, ‘innovate’ means to bring new and sustainable technologies in contexts of humanitarian crisis and to countries in the Global South, adapt products, processes and methodologies or replicate good practices which have already been successful in other contexts. Research and innovation are conducted by means of specific projects (both pilot and large-scale projects), and by transferring know-how within the countries in which we operate, both to our staff and to our partners, institutions and the communities which lie at the heart of our programs.


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