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“A social accountability report is not just a list of the things we have done or the results we have achieved. It is not just an account to the donors of every cent that has been spent. Rather, it is a document that gives an account of the ideals which our organization aims to pursue” – Claudio Ceravolo.

In 2015, COOPI published a “Social Accountability Report” for the first time. Besides providing a documented account of the activities carried out in the Global South in 2014, the Social Accountability Report outlines the organization’s strategic lines and working methods to its stakeholders, partners and donors.

In 2015, COOPI was involved in 179 projects in 24 countries that reached more than 2.300,000 people. It also helped 2.491 children through its engagement in 27 Child Sponsorship programs in 9 countries.

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COOPI Profit and loss account 2015

How COOPI utilised 2015 funds

Where COOPI utilised 2015 funds


COOPI communicates constantly and transparently with its institutional and other donors in an atmosphere of constructive dialogue, with the aim of continuously improving its interventions in the field. In 2015, the organization invested more than 30,5 million euros in operations in the Global South, a figure which bears testament to the enormous confidence in the organization of those who support its efforts.

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Pact with donors

COOPI is committed to communicating and sharing with its donors its mission of helping needy populations in Global South, and recognises the contribution that each donor makes as essential to achieving its mission.
We believe that setting out our donors’ rights and COOPI’s obligations in black and white is the natural outcome of a journey inspired by our fundamental principles, of which transparency is one of the cornerstones.


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