Tools to defeat malnutrition
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29-01-2016 | di COOPI

Tools to defeat malnutrition

In Chad COOPI and the European Union are carrying on the fight for alimentary security.

It is going on, day by day, the battle against malnutrition that COOPI is leading in Chad, in the district of Dagana located in Hadjer Lamis region: a daily challenge that involves local men and women, side by side, with the international cooperates.

This project, operative thanks to the financing of the European Union (EU), was born with the aim of strengthening the resilience of the people of Dagana to end the cycle of chronic food insecurity and nutrition and making the local population able to manage independently the necessary response to the need of a better, and more sustainable, nutritional security.


Today, after two years of work, a lot of things has changed in Dagana and more than 4 thousand people learnt best practices in agriculture and nutrition: they produce more, produce their own seeds, learn to use them better and can manage their food reserves. Entire families can, at least, have access to what they need to live in a dignified way: enough food is available for adults and children, which now have a lower rate of malnutrition.

Tools to work the ground, measurement instruments, objects necessary for the daily care of food: these are the best allies that COOPI and the European Union have given in the hands of the local habitants, together with the commitment to "build" a population aware and able to face the malnutrition problems independently. There is still a lot of work to do but, until today, more than 230 thousands of men, women and children in Chad are living better than yesterday and have a chance to build their tomorrow.