RCA. EU visits small fish farmers
20-11-2018 | di COOPI

RCA. EU visits small fish farmers

European Union Ambassador Samuela Isopi visited the breeding site of Ndress, in the 7th District of Bangui, the Capital of the Central African Republic on Sunday, November 18. The site benefits from the project "Relaunch of urban and peri-urban breeding industry" (PARFEC), led by COOPI and financed by the European Union through the Békou Fund.

After more than 15 years of abandon, Ndress was rehabilitated last May and equipped to offer juvenile fish to breeders in Bangui and in the hinterland of the country. This juvenile fish was selected for its high quality and was raised in a sustainable way.

This site will become a place to demonstrate good farming practices and will allow 300 small breeders to have better breeding sites.

During the visit, Ambassador Isopi was accompanied by all the project partners, first the Ministry for Livestock, Water and Forests and then the National Federation of Fish Farmers and Aquaculture of Central Africa, with which she went to 4 breeding basins and tasted dishes based on Tilapia (a freshwater fish widespread in central-southern Africa and bred in Ndress).

The project, carried out by COOPI in collaboration with CORDAID and Central-African Caritas, aims to improve the food security of families in Bangui and in the surrounding area by strengthening the economic and organizational performance of small fish farms in the Capital and in Bimbo and Bégoua municipalities.