A brighter future for Kedija


The current El Nino related drought situation in Ethiopia is having a devastating impact on lives and livelihoods of over ten million of Ethiopian people, leaving them in despair and anguish. Every day they walk to find clean water. COOPI, thanks to ECHO and in collaboration with VSF-Germany, has implemented the project “Reducing the Impact of El Niño Phenomena by Sustaining and Responding to WASH Emergencies in Kilbati / Zone 2 Drought Cultivation Areas Afar “ with the aim of improving living conditions to 80.824 beneficiaries through:

  • the supply of livestock feed,
  • animal health service,
  • goat milk replenishment nutrition,
  • cash transfer,
  • the rehabilitation of existing aquatic systems,
  • the distribution of domestic water treatment chemicals.

Kedija is amongst these beneficiaries. She is a 13 years old girl living in Kulile village. Her father died 2 years ago and after his death her mother starting getting sick. At 13 Kedija has the entire household on her shoulders.

COOPI’s intervention has changed her life. How? The COOPI wash team asked it to her.

Kedija’s life has improved

What was your life like before our intervention?

“Safe water for drinking use to be located in Daar village about two hours walking from Kulilie. My task is fetching water twice a week and carry to walking for over 4 hours. During these days, I am not able to attend school as I need to support my family and my sick mom. The road is also rough and it is impossible to make it in one day because of tiredness and need to find shelter under trees during peak sun hours”.

Kedija_fetching_waterWhat is the best thing of the new project for your village?

“Thanks to ECHO and COOPI, there is now water near to my village and in my school. This allows me to attend school everyday and hope for a better life through an improved education. The tiredness will not be present now. I don’t need to walk for 8 hrs a day anymore and I am now able to wash my hand and face every morning and every time I need as well as mine and my family clothes. My mother can easily access water from the nearly constructed water point giving relief of her sickness and allowing me a brighter future”.

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