An organisation operating as part of a network

Co-operating is in our spirit.

We support and obtain support from a multitude of stakeholders who are often miles apart, geographically, culturally and/or economically speaking. This rich variety of input translates into effective action in response to humanitarian crises, and it ensures the establishment of sustainable development processes.

COOPI liaises with both institutional and non-institutional donors for a steady progressive improvement of field interventions in the South of the world, to which COOPI has devoted about 30 million euros. These figures witness the loyalty of organizations supporting COOPI’s mission.

There are several reasons why we have built well-structured relationships with international and local partners over the years. First of all, to ensure high-quality interventions by combining COOPI’s expertise with the scientific, technical and local know-how provided by other organisations. Secondly, to develop advocacy capacity in relation to the needs identified in the field, as well as to promote the sharing of experiences, scientific research, thematic and sectorial capitalisation. Lastly, to ensure the impact of any action we may take.

COOPI has amazing resources to put into play with Foundations, because it is present in complicated and unstable contexts, where it has gained considerable experience. Starting a partnership with NGOs as COOPI has the advantage of relying on a partner of total trust, experience, and vision in the field that allows the Foundation to find the right balance between resource constraints and the desire to maximize impact.

It is important for COOPI that corporates are also involved in the major economic and social challenges ahead. Every new collaboration is an opportunity to strengthen a humanitarian project and to give a new dimension to your business. A social action oriented towards concrete results, in the name of Corporate Social Responsibility, in an international environment. What does it mean to collaborate with COOPI?
Engagement, fairness and a new look towards a better future for everyone.