“Disaster Risk Reduction Achievements” in the Caribbean region

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We are happy to share with you the “Disaster Risk Reduction Achievements 2016”. This document is composed of 50 good practices, tools and initiatives that were supported under the framework of the 2015-2016 DIPECHO Action Plan in the Caribbean region and implemented with the financial assistance of the European Union. The document contributes to the implementation of the Comprehensive Disaster Management Strategy 2014-2024 and the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030.

COOPI Haiti, who has been supporting disaster preparedness and response activities since 2010, has particularly contributed to three of the four thematic focus areas which all initiatives are associated with:

  • Private partnerships supporting DRR (page 18): as part of the Institutionalization of DRR processes thematic area, this initiative was carried out together with AGERCA (Alliance pour la Gestion des Risques et la Continuité des Activités) to prepare evacuation and emergency plans for AGERCA’s members, accompanied by regular simulation exercises, in order to institutionalize good practice and disaster risk management in the private sector.
  • Simulations exercises in Haiti (page 35): this initiative is part of the Early Warning Systems focus area. After the realization of numerous simulation exercises (SIMEX) a simex web platform was created. This web platform is a teaching tool to prepare and realize simulation exercise at the community level. The platform is available in French and Creole.
  • Map server (page 48): under the thematic area Information & Knowledge Management, this initiative consisted in setting up a web mapping platform focus on the resources and vulnerabilities of the targeted municipalities of the projects (Port-au-Prince, Tabarre and Gressier) for disaster preparedness, crisis management and DRR oriented land management.


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