In favour of the indirect victims of violence

RCA bambini

The crisis caused in South Sudan due to the presence of LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) has involved many victims of violence for many years. But direct victims of violence are not the only ones who have suffered, for every direct victim there are innumerable indirect victims of violence (for example the relatives of the victims or the witnesses of violent scenes). In Obo, a town in the Central African Republic that receives thousands of refugees from South Sudan, the majority of children can be considered as indirect victims of violence because of the conflict that hits their native country continuously.

COOPI for the children

With the project Support the protection of refugees and the most vulnerable populations in an emergency situation in Obo (Haut Mbomou), COOPI intervenes in favour of the children who have been witnesses of scenes of violence or who have suffered several losses. These children are in need of emergency psychological support. For the protection of children’s childhood, COOPI’s intervention is financed by UNICEF and will offer social assistance to 2200 children who will be given the opportunity to participate to purposely predisposed recreational and creative activities. Thanks to this intervention, children affected by the conflicts, including those of self-defence groups, will receive assistance in reintegrating back into their communities.

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