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COOPI – Cooperazione Internazionale is an Italian Non-governmental Organization for Cooperation and Development, founded by Father Vincenzo Barbieri in 1965. Over the last 50 years COOPI has aimed at breaking the cycle of poverty and supporting population affected by wars, socio-economic crisis or disasters in order to encourage resilience and sustainable development. COOPI is currently involved in 24 countries in Africa, Middle East Latin America and Caribbean with 150 humanitarian projects that reach nearly 2 million and 400 thousand people. From 1965 to 2015, COOPI has helped 100 million people in 63 Countries, by employing 55,000 local workers in 1,600 projects

Become a friend of Coopi

Your donation will make a concrete contribution to the implementation of our development and emergency projects in the poorest countries in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.
Join with us and become a friend of COOPI by making a regular or a one-off donation. We can work together and make the world a better place. Thank you!


Child sponsorship

Through our child sponsorship program, you will be securing food, medical treatment and education for a child.
You will be protecting them from violence and exploitation and giving them the opportunity to become well-informed adults who can contribute to the future of their country.

Child sponsorship brings you the gift of happiness. You will personally monitor the results of your help and establish a strong bond with a child through letters, photographs, drawings, and love.

It costs just 25 euros a month to sponsor a child. Act quickly!

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If you reside in Italy, you can also support COOPI with your 5/1000.
All you need to do is sign your name and enter the tax code 80118750159 on your income declaration form in the relevant box to allocate your 5/1000.
Your contribution will provide food, water, medical care, and education for thousands of people.
The benefits of the program are best expressed and shared by word of mouth.

Tax Code COOPI

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Bonbonnière and charitable gifts

Christenings, holy communions, degree ceremonies or weddings: choose a charitable bonbonnières to celebrate a special event and make it an occasion of love and solidarity!

For your gifts, choose COOPI’s special donations: hoes for farming, party clothes and water; things that will bring joy to children, women, and men in the Global South but also to the beneficiary of your charitable donation.

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Leave a trace of the values you hold dear, and let them live on in the future. A bequest to COOPI means supporting the most needy and continuing to live through them.

You will be remembered. This is the most enduring legacy of making a will that includes COOPI.

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COOPI recognizes the value of forming strategic alliances with companies with the aim of establishing a collaborative relationship which brings added value and mutual benefits.

Respect, dialogue, communication, and shared goals are the basis of a partnership of values that guarantees a team result by involving companies, COOPI, but particularly the beneficiaries of our projects.

Come and join us. Discover all the things we can do together!

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Volunteer with us

Take an active part in our awareness and fund-raising campaigns. You will be personally involved in communicating important subjects and values, and you’ll make a real contribution to the implementation of our projects.

Work with us

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