Nigeria: refugee and IDP returns

COOPI Nigeria

In 2017, thousands of people are still on the move across Borno state in northeast Nigeria.

There are many reasons for this movement. Some are being displaced for the first time; others are moving or being relocated by authorities into LGA headquarters either from rural areas in the LGA, from already established IDP sites elsewhere and across the border from Cameroon into Nigeria, back across the border where they become IDPs.

This is exacerbated by a context of rumours reported by IDPs that aid will be stopped in places like Maiduguri, that camps could be closed at the end of May 2017, and that aid is readily accessible in other locations to which people are being encouraged to move.

The humanitarian community has not received timely information in order to plan for or receive new arrivals, and many sites identified by the authorities for return are already at maximum capacity and cannot support further population increases. In almost all instances, there is insufficient shelter, water, food, health, no education services and this has further exacerbated existing protection risks.

The number of people being facilitated to return to Nigeria from the Minawao refugee camp in Cameroon has rapidly increased since the beginning of May and it will put pressure on an already overstretched food security sector, in the context of a potentially looming famine in the country.

We make requests to the Governments of Cameroon and Nigeria, UN and Donors.

Read the complete document signed by COOPI and other NGOs working in Nigeria here.

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