Senegal: new perspectives for repatriated migrants

maize farm

Migration can be harder than expected. The improved living conditions promised by moving to another Country -or even Continent- oftentimes ends into drastically different outcomes. Unfortunately, honest information about related dangers and struggles holds little power in driving the decision to stay, as it conflicts with both a social pressure to succeed and the stories of those who “made it”. As a result, attempts at migrating turned into trouble are common and a hardly-spoken reality.

BBC’s Marie Keyworth narrates the journey of Hassan and Issa, two Senegalese men repatriated by IOM (International Organization for Migration) after having been trapped in Lybia for three months. She also touches on activities designed to give people a valid alternative to migration, such as the maize farm located in Jalakoto run by COOPI and La Lumiere and funded by IOM, designed to reintegrate returned migrants by giving them an occupation and an income.

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