Together against the malnutrition


“Timely cares” and “prevention”, these are the two key words that COOPI uses to front the malnutrition in the poorest countries of the world. In Mali, for example,  ethnic and religious conflicts, political crisis and  most of all frequent drougt have reduced the access to the food for more than 2 millions people. Unfortunately children are the most damaged: 1 out of 6 suffers of acute malnutrition, and only 17% out of 180.000 serious cases is reached by an humanitary help program.

His hope? It’s you, with COOPI

Even this year with #lasuasperanza, fundraising campaign with SMS (active in Italy from January 15 to February 5, 2017), we will continue togheter with you to accompaign the malnourished children along all the way of recovery, from the first analisys to the eventual relapses.

In Segou districts, COOPI is the only Italian NGO that operates against maternal and child malnutrition and here we have integrated the prevention’s activities, assistance and care in the last 4 years. More than 18.000 children from 6 months to 5 years have recovered a new hope of life.

COOPI’s operators  identify the child who need care and measure the diameter of his arm by a special bracelet. Then the child is taken to the nearest Health Center, with his mother, where in addition to medical care, are guaranteed for him the life-saving food and medicines needed to treat malnutrition. In case of acute patology or if there are some complications, he is transfered to an intensive therapy center  untill a complete recovery.

We can not tell them no

After the discharge, the child is followed costantly by the nearest Helath Center, to avoid relapses, and  after  the cares, he can come back to his village. The mother receives an hygienic- sanitary kit, some food for his son and formation about the causes of the malnutrition.

Thanks to the funds raised with #lasuasperanza:

  • we will guarratee the presence of 1.120 local referents in the villages
  • we will sensibilize the families about the correct nutritional and hygienic sanitary practices
  • we will take with timeliness the cases of malnutrition to 31 health centers
  • we will carry out a carefull screening of the children
  • we will educate the mothers of the hospitalized children
  • we will distribuite hygienic-sanitary kits containing soap and products for the depuration of the water.

“We are their hope only, we can not tell them no” underlines Massimo Salvadori , COOPI’s Manager area  for Mali. “The most difficult moment of my missions in Mali is the visit to the center of intensive therapy, were are hospitalized children dying. I have done this work for many years ,but seeing so suffering and  undefended children is always a shock”.

How can we prevent  it?

The acute malnutrition is a real pathology that, if is not defited within the first 2 years of life, it can cause irreparable damages to the psycho-physical development of the children. To avoid this possibility we   provided psychosocial supports to the mothers who accompaign their children during the hospitalization’s period. The history of Mariama, Nigerian mother of Djabir, is an example.

Moreover a correct information can improve the prevention, but who can give addice? In Niger, in Tillabery department, COOPI has carry out a study about the communitary dynamics with the aim of identify the referents in the villages in its area of intervention. So it is possible to involve the population in a way more direct and efficacious.

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