Where do the children of Obo come from?

Giochi Ludico RicreativiBIS

In Obo, in the Central African Republic, the residents cohabit with thousands of refugees coming from South Sudan. COOPI intervenes in the Haut Mbomou region, where is situated Obo town, since 2009, implementing a program of protection of the children and the women rights. COOPI projects are particularly concerned with child protection: in fact, Southern Sudanese children arriving in CAR refugee camps are often unmatched. In the welcome centres of Haut Mbomou many cases of familiar separation are been registered without an adequate documentation neither a deep search of the members of the families. This suggests that other could be separated from their own families at the moment of the transfer.

COOPI for the children

One of COOPI’s goals will be to reunite the not accompanied children with their families. COOPI has provided to implement the resilience of the families, the tutors and the communities with the aim to rebuild a protected environment for the children and the women in post conflicted situations, with the project Support to the protection in emergency situation in favour of the refugees and the most vulnerable population  at Obo (Haut Mbomou), financed by UNICEF. “We will work hard to reunite to the respective families and communities 300 children separated and not accompanied among the ones who have been identified, documented  and taken in care by the community of Obo”, has declared Luciano Amani, COOPI’s project leader. The project will end at the end of June 2017 and is part of a multisectoral intervention program that has been in the Haut Mbomou region for years.

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