01-07-2016 | di COOPI

A sea of generosity for Marika

From the stories of Federico Capurro, COOPI's head of mission in Ethiopia, we met Marika, a 4-year-old girl, who is left alone at home every day, because her mother, with her two older sisters, has to travel many kilometers to find clean water.

Marika and her family live in Ethiopia, in the Afar region, which is affected by the worst drought in 50 years. 12 million people risk dying every day because they are hungry, have no more water or food, or because they suffer from diseases transmitted through the little water left, which is often contaminated. Like Marika, other children are abandoned every day by their mothers, forced to go in search of a well where to find water.

With a project supported by the Directorate-General for Humanitarian Assistance and Civil Protection (ECHO), we have been in the region since November 2015. Federico's constant updates describe the daily difficulties of a hungry population, but they also tell us about the efforts COOPI is making, together with the population, to respond to this emergency situation.

"Today I have seen with my own eyes how important our help is. And how urgent it is. By building wells and channels to carry water, we can save so many lives.
COOPI's goal now is to bring water to 23,000 people. We intend to do this by renovating existing wells and building new pipelines to bring water to villages, especially near schools and health centres.
We also want to distribute the kit to 12,000 people to make the water drinkable, so as to reduce the incidence of disease, provide goats and sheep to 120 families to have milk for their children, but also give work to 700 men and women without livestock, forced to migrate in search of fertile pastures, have lost any chance of survival.
To continue to do this, we need your help!


Even a small donation is precious.

With 25 euros you help us to guarantee a family a kit to purify the water.
With 35 euros you offer a family 5 goats to produce milk to give to the children.
With 70 euros you can help us build a well.
With 300 euros, you can help build water pipes to bring water to schools.