CAR. Support for the survivors of war crimes and crimes against humanity
27-08-2021 | di COOPI

CAR. Support for the survivors of war crimes and crimes against humanity

As of September 2020, COOPI has been implementing the project "Assistance to victims of the situation in the Central African Republic: physical and psychological rehabilitation and socio-economic support to survivors in a situation of acute vulnerability in the city of Bangui", thanks to funding from the Trust Fund for Victims of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Within the framework of this intervention, we have been implementing activities to improve the living conditions of the survivors of war crimes and crimes against humanity, which occurred in Bangui and its surroundings during the crisis period of 2002-2003 in the Central African Republic. Thanks to this project, the victims receive concrete support from COOPI in the areas of mental health and psychosocial wellbeing, as well as in their efforts to improve their socio-economic condition through access to employment opportunities.

In particular, the activities carried out in March 2021 have led to the creation of listening centres aimed at creating a space where beneficiaries can freely confront themselves in order to externalize their tensions and be inspired by those who have achieved a state of resilience, through this kind of support.  In addition to support groups, individual counselling sessions and weekly home visits to survivors take place in the three listening centres.

COOPI also intervenes in the area of food and nutrition education through culinary awareness activities especially for HIV-positive people and beneficiaries undergoing antiretroviral therapy, considering that their treatment requires a healthy and nutritious diet.

In addition, every month until the end of the project, 200 beneficiaries in an acute vulnerability situation receive basic food kits.