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Dem. Rep. of Congo

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The Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the biggest African nations and one of the richest in terms of natural resources. However, multiple internal conflicts have led to great instability, which has in turn produced a complex humanitarian crisis. The healthcare system is unable to meet population’s needs and the frequent outbreaks of violence have caused thousands to become refugees and displaced.

We have been operating in DRC, since 1977, which has allowed us to gain an in-depth understanding of the country and the capacity to respond effectively to the needs of the population. We carry out prevention, care and nutritional support activities for thousands of malnourished children and mothers; we also provide training activities on good hygiene practices, besides restoring wells and latrines. Additionally, we provide food and seeds and train farmers in techniques of product cultivation and marketing to enable populations to cope with food crises.

We pay particular attention to women and children by providing them psycho-social support and free health care. We manage prevention and protection projects against the recruitment of children in armed forces and groups; we support survivors of gender-based violence and other human rights violations, integrating the assistance for school and professional rehabilitation.

THE SITUATION IN Dem. Rep. of Congo

0 /189

HDI - Human Development Index

Source: UNDP - Human Development Report 2020

23% %

Illiteracy rate (% adults aged 15 and older)

Source: UNDP - Human Development Report 2020

42.7 %

Rate of moderate/severe child malnutrition

Source: UNDP - Human Development Report 2020

0 %

Rate of population living below poverty line

Source: UNDP - Human Development Report 2020

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