Documentary - The fight against childhood malnutrition in Sahel
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27-01-2016 | di COOPI

Documentary - The fight against childhood malnutrition in Sahel

The UNICEF reportage deals with the work of COOPI and of other Italian NGOS in Sahel.

In the countries of Sahel as Niger, Mali and Ciad, COOPI has fought for many years against childhood malnutrition: a challenge that we need win within the first thousand days of life of a child, from conception to two years.

The children who suffer of malnutrition in the first years of life have indelible physical and cognitive damages which inevitably weaken future local community.

For this reason COOPI- with the sustain of its supporters, of UNICEF and of the EU Humanitarian Aid (ECHO) -  continues the fight to guarantee the health to newborn, who will be the woman and the men of the future.

The results obtained are very important and they show us a big decrease of the nutritional problems in a lot of children.

To know the reality where we work, the histories and the faces of the people which cooperate with us and that we help in this fight, UNICEF and Italian Cooperation have realized a documentary.

The video shows the techniques of therapy, the involvement of the population and the efforts done by Italian Ngo in Sahel in order that the healthy practices spread out all the communities.