Iraq: we are ready!
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27-06-2017 | di COOPI

Iraq: we are ready!

Since 2014, Iraq has been the theatre of one of the most important humanitarian crisis of recent years. It is estimated that 3,1 million refugees are displaced in the country, while Syrian refugees are about 239,000 in the first months of 2017. This huge number of people on the move is straining basic public service system and the socioeconomic conditions of local communities.

COOPI, with the collaboration of AFKAR Society and Swiss Foundation for Mine Action (FSD), is with the project "Promoting the access to the school and realize interventions of survival in favour of refugees and host communities of Qayyarah, Iraq". Its aim is to help the population who has suffered and continue to suffer the consequences of the conflict.

A difficult context

People that have returned to recently liberated villages has faced destructions and lack of infrastructures, that makes hard to live there. There are problems connected to:

- education;
- water and hygienic-sanitary conditions;
- landmines.

As a result of the destruction of infrastructures and violence the provision of formal education services has been interrupted and the access to education of a lot of school aged children has plunged. This situation could cause the loss of the educational path for an entire generation, decreasing their perspectives for a future life. Moreover, young women and girls that have no access to education face an increased risk of sexual abuse and gender based violence.

The local population has insufficient supply of drinking water, which takes river or emergency supply through trucks. Moreover, there are no personal hygiene and household cleaning products, and this situation increases the risk of epidemics spread.

At the last, there is a high risk of presence of landmines and unexploded ordnance in liberated areas. They can produce direct bad consequences on everyday life and productivity of agricultural and commercial enterprises.

The humanitarian response

COOPI's action involves education, promotion of hygiene practices and self-defense.

We will open four "Temporary Learning Spaces" (suitable schools to the context of emergency) for 1,200 children; we will distribute 1,200 scholastic kit and 3,000 hygiene kit. There will be training for educators, parents and community leaders.

The wash action involves two interventions: to provide the schools of purified water and hygienic services;

installation and activation of purifying water devices with which is expected to reach 33,500 inhabitants. Moreover, "Mine Risk Education" activities for students, teachers and community members will take place, in order to mitigate the risk of incidents in this sense.

The intervention should count on the active involvement of local communities that have declared their availability to intervene to improve their life conditions.