Mauritania. A project that assure development and jobs
03-08-2020 | di COOPI

Mauritania. A project that assure development and jobs

Since June 2019, COOPI is acting in Mauritania with the aim of contributing to the economy structure’s transformation. Thanks to the project “West Africa Competitiveness Support Programme - Mauritania component” funded by the European Union, COOPI addresses more than 700 beneficiaries (small enterprises, cooperatives and groups).

The aim of the project is to produce competitive goods and services with higher added value, to guarantee development and the creation of new qualified and sustainable jobs, as well as increased exports and income. In particular, the program focuses on sectors like livestock, poultry, Arabic gum, hides and skins.

Committee for the selection of the beneficiaries


Up to the 30th of June 2020, COOPI supported 175 beneficiaries in the agriculture sector, 159 in the hides and skins one, and 401 beneficiaries in the Arabic gum enterprise. Among the implemented activities: technical training sessions to enhance and diversify the products, the provision of appropriate tools with the aim of increasing productivity; access to financial services and profitable markets.

Woman beneficiary of the project

Through the implementation of a value chain approach and through collaboration with the State, municipalities and professional organisations, the EU-funded project will improve the different sectors through better organisation and structuring of actors and potential diversification of inputs and appropriate public policies to accompany development.