Niger: Tajani visits guest houses in Niamey
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24-07-2018 | di COOPI

Niger: Tajani visits guest houses in Niamey

On July 18th 2018, during his stay in Niger, European Parliament president Antonio Tajani had the chance to visit one of the guest houses for refugees and asylum seekers supported by UNHCR and managed by COOPI in the capital Niamey, where he was welcomed by representatives of the Agency and of the NGO.

After being introduced to the facility and being told about the activities taking place in it, Tajani met some of the female house guests – mainly deported from Lybia and Somali, Sudanese and Erithrean. Touched first-hand by their reports of the violence experienced, Tajani felt the need to express solidarity to the women, while stressing the necessity to support them attentively and carefully. «we are your friends. I do know you met evil people, but not everyone is like that We want to help you».

Some key moments from Tajani’s visit.


Operating staff of the guest houses in Niamey. In these facilities, refugees and asylum seekers are able to benefit from psychological support and recreational activities aimed at helping them overcome trauma from the violence experienced and find happiness. (ph. Giacomo Zandonini).