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Supporting competitiveness in West Africa

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The economic situation in Mauritania is stagnating due to limited production, poor competitiveness and a low export capacity in the manufacturing sector.

The approach to economy needs a radical change and COOPI is working in the Nouackhott capital to support the production of goods and services with higher added value, create skilled and sustainable jobs and generate greater income.

The main sectors of this "West Africa Competitiveness Support Programme", which will last until 2023, include the poultry, skins and leathers and the gum arabic sectors.

To boost competitiveness and encourage the trade integration of companies, cooperatives and beneficiaries of the supply chains – the last one amounting to about 10,000 people - COOPI will promote the production, processing and marketing of goods and services, focusing on sustainability. In addition, COOPI will support healthy working conditions and a sustainable management of resources. Social inclusion and gender equality are also pivotal and will allow for responding effectively to the needs of national and international markets.

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SOS Sahel