What We Do

We strengthen community response to hydro-metereological risks

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Following the severe floods (2017) that affected almost 2 million people in northern Peru, COOPI works alongside local authorities by implementing risk management programs.

COOPI strengthens the preparedness and response capacities of communities and local with the prpject Vamos Piuranos, aimed at informing, training and preparing people operationally to face a possible adverse event. In addition, COOPI is helping them recovering and maintaining their livelihoods through community initiatives of economic development.

Community resilience is also strengthened thanks to another project entitled “Wirwina”, which will improve the monitoring network and alert systems. In Peru, COOPI will collaborate with the CIMA Foundation for the installation of the DEWETRA platform (an integrated system for monitoring and forecasting risks), collaborating with the national meteorological system and the Civil Protection. 

The project is financed by: