RDC. Thanks to COOPI we found our children again
08-04-2020 | di COOPI

RDC. Thanks to COOPI we found our children again

Since 2019, COOPI reunited 62 children (29 males and 33 females) to their families of origin in the Djugu and Faradje areas in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Thanks to the project “Assistance multisectorielle pour le renforcement de la Résilience communautaire et de la Cohésion sociale (protection) en faveurs des populations affectées par la crise dans le Triangle Fataki-RethyLinga-Jiba, en territoire de Djugu” funded by the Common Humanitarian Fund of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, COOPI identified and verified children’s identities and provided them with documents. Besides, it conducted the researches to accomplish families’ reunification. Children, who could meet their families again, were provided with goods such as soap, blankets and creams and with economic support to help their families.

Dive Tsesi and Zawadi Dz’na are two of the beneficiaries of the project.

Dive met his child David again. David was found by COOPI protection team. Once identified, researches to find his family were conducted and finally his family was found in Bassani village. After the reunification, the family was able to go back to its original village Jiba.

David's family

Dive: “Thanks COOPI for taking care of my child and for having reconducted him to me safe and healthy. My family-in-law accused me of abandoning David and for letting him die alone. I am happy. God bless you for finding my child.  I won’t be threatened by my family-in-law anymore. The amount of 25$ that you gave us will help me to find a new house where to live with my child and far away from my family-in-law”. She adds: “Thanks for giving to my child a blanket, soap, clothes and a cream”.

Zwadi met his child Petro. Petro was found by the protection team of the local Association in Bubba village (Linga healthcare area). Once reunited, the family went back to its original village, Jiba.

Zwadi tells his story: “In that situation, it was difficult to go back to our house and to look for our disappeared child. Moreover, I didn’t have much time. I used to work every day in the market while my wife is a teacher. That is why our children used to stay at home with their grandmother”.

He thanks: “Thank you COOPI for taking care of my child. Thanks for giving us 25$, a blanket, a suitcase, soap and cream”. He adds: “This is the second time I receive support from COOPI. Some years ago, COOPI took care of my child who was suffering from malnutrition and today they bring back my child who was lost during the war”.

Petro's family

Families who could meet their children again are thankful to COOPI: “We thank COOPI because we never thought we’d seen our children again”. In the last years, FARDC’s (Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo) attacks increased exponentially and dozens of kids were arrested. Thanks to the project funded the Common Humanitarian Fund of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, COOPI supports the population affected by the humanitarian crisis.