Recreational kits for the recovery of malnourished children
04-11-2019 | di COOPI

Recreational kits for the recovery of malnourished children

Jean* suffers from severe acute malnutrition and has been admitted to the Stabilisation Centers (SC) in the territory of Luiza, where he has been hospitalized due to generalised oedema that limited mobility in his lower limbs.

Rehabilitation and motor activity were an essential combination for Jean's recovery. And what better way to stimulate his psychomotor reactions than toys.

Michela Malinverni, coordination assistant of COOPI in DRC pointed out that recreational kits are an excellent tool for the psychophysical recovery of children suffering from malnutrition and who also suffer its physical consequences. "By using push scooters, swings and mini cars, Jean's physical and psychological well-being improved immediately. He became more active and less apathetic”. Maliverni continues, "Jean's psychophysical progress and his increased appetite make us assume that he will not stay in the SC for long”.

Jean is one of 12,326 children between 6 and 59 months suffering from malnutrition and who are taking care of as part of the project entitled "Management and Prevention of severe acute malnutrition in the ZS of Yangala, Luiza, Luambo, Ndekesha, Lubondaie and Masuika, affected by the humanitarian crisis, in Kasaï Central", funded by UNICEF. The initiative, which will end in November 2019, aims to treat malnutrition, in a territory where it represents about 28% of the leading causes of infant mortality.

Community awareness activities were another project crucial aspect - the participatory, active and inclusive approach of both women and local political and administrative authorities, including religious leaders, is a key element for parents, including Jean's, to turn to nutritional units for medical care.

*Fantasy name