Sudan, rehabilitation of Hamdayet water center
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20-04-2021 | di COOPI

Sudan, rehabilitation of Hamdayet water center

Since the beginning of the Tigrinya refugee crisis, COOPI - in close coordination with AICS (Italian Development Cooperation Agency) - has started the rehabilitation of the main water station in Hamdayet, Sudan (on the border with Ethiopia).

The water station will ensure a sufficient water supply (110 m3 ph) both to the transit center of refugees and to the village of Hamdayet.

The rehabilitation work includes the installation of new drainage pumps from the river to the cisterns, the rehabilitation of the water purification tanks, the construction of an elevated cistern and new water distribution points for both the Transit Centre and the Village.

The water supply will be connected to the pipeline that UNICEF/WES intends to install in a new much smaller water plant (15m3 ph), currently under construction, thus ensuring sufficient water supply to the site.

The works, which are being carried out by a local company to favor the locate market in full respect of COOPI values, are progressing and are expected to be completed by April 15.

Thanks to the completion of the rehabilitation works of the Hamdayet Water Center, it will be possible to ensure greater sustainability of the water supply service, significantly reducing or even eliminating the costs of water transportation. The significant cost savings will allow these resources to be used to fill other needs.

The intervention is part of the "Emergency Initiative to Improve Access to Water and Food Security, Natural Resource Management and Environmental Protection in Kassala State" project funded by AICS starting October 14, 2019 and ending May 31, 2021.