Nigeria: close to the people which escape from Boko Haram


The violence in Boko Harama caused an humanitarian crisis in Niger and Nigeria.

In the State of Boko (Niger) there are firefights also today. This is the zone where there is the biggest concentration of IDPs, refugees or returnees from Camerun, Ciad and Niger, the three states bordering on Ciad Lake.

COOPI, in response to the humanitarian crisis that troubles the north-eastern part of Nigeria, intervenes with a project for children protection in Yobe State, by the side of the zone that until 2015 was been occupied militarily by Boko Haram, and a project of humanitarian assistance and support to the IDPs in three districts of Yobe State – Potiskum, Damaturu and Fikain.

The first intervention aims at protecting underage and it’s financed by UNICEF. A lots of children aren’t accompanied because they lost their family during conflicts or the escape, other are associated to groups or armed forces. According to the statistics  the IDPs in the states of the north-eastern part of Nigeria are 2,2 millions, and 60% are underage. COOPI provided support to 1300 foster families thanks to the help of the community committees of childhood protection, getting by its intervention more than 12500 people.

Moreover, Unicef’s dates based on The UNICEF National Nutrition and Health survey, reveal that only 22% of the children are correctly breastfeed within an hour from the birth, and 10% of the children between 6 and 23 months receive an equilibrated diet of liquids, semisolid and solid foods.

COOPI’s humanitarian project, financed by the Commission’s Humanitarian aid and Civil Protection department (ECHO), provides for the problem and operates against malnutrition: redistributes food and promotes raising awareness for good nutrition of the children under 5 years.

In a zone in which only 20% of IDPs can farm a plot of land, protection, alimentary security and nutrition become the key words for a concrete intervention which can answer to the needs of the population.

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