COOPI is a humanitarian organization that fights against all kinds of poverty.

We are an independent Italian NGO founded in Milan by Father Vincenzo Barbieri on April 15 1965.

For more than 50 years we have been dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty and to supporting populations affected by wars, socio-economic crises or natural disasters in their path to recovery and sustainable development, by making use of the professionalism of local and international operators, and through our partnerships with public and private bodies and civil society organizations.

Today we are present in 28 countries in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean, with 199 humanitarian projects reaching almost 2,600,000 people. Since 2006 we have been providing food, education, health and protection to thousands of children in 8 countries through our child sponsorship programs.

Since 1965 we have helped 100 million people, through 1,700 projects in 65 countries, employing 4,600 expatriate and 58,000 local operators.




COOPI aspires to a world without poverty, a world in which the ideals of equality and justice, sustainable development and social cohesion can be achieved, thanks to the coming together and cooperation of its peoples.




Through the commitment, motivation, determination and professionalism of its staff, COOPI aims to contribute to the process of fighting poverty and developing the communities with which it cooperates all over the world, intervening in situations of emergency, reconstruction and development, in order to achieve a better balance between the Global North and the Global South, between developed areas and deprived or developing areas.

Code of Ethics and Conduct

For COOPI, credibility and reputation are immensely valuable assets. It is therefore essential that we clearly set out the common values, principles and responsibilities that guide our actions in our relations with donors, beneficiaries, project partners, and the people who work with us and with any stakeholders with an interest in our work.
Through the Code of Ethics, we are confirming our accountability towards the stakeholders with regard to our mission and values, the effectiveness of the activities we undertake, the efficiency of our organizational structure, the legitimacy of our status as an NGO and the mechanisms for preventing crimes.



We collaborate with professionals who are willing and ready to put their skills and expertise to good use. The focus on recruitment, the timely training opportunities we provide and the enhancement of human resources ensure the presence in our organization of competent, motivated individuals. In terms of training, we have implemented many initiatives throughout Italy to increase awareness of careers in international cooperation. Lastly, in terms of further education, we are a member of the Cooperation & Development Network which includes the Masters of Pavia, Cartagena de Indias, Bethlehem, Kathmandu and Nairobi.

Work with us

Charter of Values

COOPI has grown continuously in the 50 years since it was founded, and we have adapted our organizational structure in order to be able to meet the challenges of a constantly evolving international cooperation sector.
These changes have not, however, impacted on our identity or our founding principles, which are shared by the people supporting and collaborating with our organization.
COOPI’s Charter of Values sets out the principles which inspire our work.



Based on a careful analysis of the context and the objectives defined in previous years, COOPI launched a thorough process of internal participation which led to us defining the program lines for the development of the organization for 2015-2020.
We will continue to intervene in the countries in which we operate by adopting an integrated approach that includes more than one sector and provides a more structured response, not only to immediate needs, but also to those in the medium and long-term.



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