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COOPI, in order to implement projects in the Global South, collaborates with cooperation professionals who are ready and willing to employ their skills and expertise in the countries in which COOPI operates.
To go on a mission with COOPI means to take on the responsibilities which the position entails and to represent the organisation before the authorities, the government, donors and all stakeholders in the destination country.



Latest vacancies


COOPI’s interventions take place in developing countries and/or emergency situations which are often difficult to manage, due to their particular socio-political and environmental contexts. Collaborators must therefore have the ability to read and interpret the contexts in which they are operating, given the propensity of these to change very rapidly (for example changes to local and expatriate staff, political and environmental instability). COOPI works in multi-ethnic situations which therefore require flexibility and a respect for others, both from the expatriate staff and local staff. The often uncomfortable atmosphere and long working hours require a great deal of energy and a willingness to do more than is required, learning from past experience and becoming independent in a short space of time.


Profiles required

We are looking for personnel in the following main areas:

  • Technical AREA
    (WASH experts, engineers, architects, agronomists, veterinarians, GIS experts, DRR and environment experts, etc.)
  • Health AREA
    (Doctors, nurses, nutritionists, etc.)
  • Economic-Financial AREA
    (Administrators, logistics experts, etc.)
  • Psychosocial AREA
    (Psychologists, sociologists, experts in SGBV/GBV, protection experts, etc.)
  • Management AREA
    (Project leaders, mission chiefs, coordination assistants, etc.)

Developments in the sphere of cooperation call for collaborators to be highly qualified individuals with specialised skills. Essential traits are: a high level of motivation, an excellent capacity to adapt, and a capacity for multicultural integration. COOPI focuses particularly on specialisations and specific Masters for the area of operation.

Contract, duration and conditions

The length of a COOPI mission can vary according to the particular project and role undertaken. The average duration of an emergency intervention is six months, whereas development programs can last from a minimum of six months to a maximum of 12.

Both types of mission are renewable as long as both parties are willing and able for this to happen.
For country coordination, logistics or administrative positions, 12-month contracts are normally offered, whereas the contracts offered for internships/traineeships are for a minimum of three months and a maximum of six.

COOPI offers: a paid contract according to a specific wage scale; health insurance; accommodation in guest houses; a return airline ticket to and from the destination country; visa costs and costs of internal transfers in the destination country from the capital to other bases.

Conditions can vary slightly in the event of internships and traineeships.
Prior to departure, future COOPI collaborators take part in a week of training at the Milan headquarters, the costs of which are normally covered by the organisation.

Recruitment and selection

The process of recruiting and selecting staff based in Italy and expatriate staff is intended to find qualified personnel. Candidates’ skills, motivation and references will be checked by means of a transparent non-discriminatory process as regards gender, religion, political persuasion, social and ethnic background that could otherwise compromise equal opportunities for work or the fair treatment in the hiring of the person.

The Recruitment and Selection office receives applications, assesses them and contacts the shortlisted applicants to invite them to come for an initial interview, following which their professional references are checked. Shortlisted candidates are then invited to a second interview; for some positions they are required to undergo a technical assessment.

Following the interviews, the most suitable candidate is chosen and a contract and economic proposal is sent to them.
Prior to departure, they will undergo a period of training at the organisation’s headquarters, this being the final stage in the selection process. During this period, COOPI reserves the right to assess the candidate’s technical capabilities, attitude and conduct. Only at the end of this stage will the contract be signed on the basis of that agreed previously.

Training and civil service

Students of undergraduate, masters and specialisation school courses in the sectors relevant to COOPI interventions may have the opportunity to undertake internships and training both at the organisation’s offices in Italy and abroad.

COOPI has, over the years, put in place various agreements with numerous Italian and foreign universities and is open to evaluating new collaborations with other institutions. Generally speaking, the average duration of a traineeship lasts from four to six months, during which the trainee undergoes an initial period of theoretical and practical orientation so as to allow him or her to independently carry out the assigned tasks.

Additionally, each year the COOPI’s headquarters in Milan hosts National Civil Service projects, as announced by the government. The civil service, which lasts 12 months, is generally carried out in areas of the Communication and Fundraising Office. Since 2015, it has also been possible to carry out regional civil service within the different areas and offices of the Milan and Padova sites, doing so through the Youth Guarantee competition.

All vacancies

Posizioni lavorative_inglese

ContinenteCountryFunzioneDurataEsperienza richiestaData pubblicazioneTermine candidatureBase
RCA Administrateur de Projet UE 12 mois min. 5 ans 07 agosto 2017 28 agosto 2017 Bangui
Africa Chad Psychiatre 4 mois min. 3 ans 04 agosto 2017 28 agosto 2017 Bol
Consultant 1 month min. 5 years 03 agosto 2017 25 agosto 2017 Banjul, with travels across the selected priorities area
RDC Assistant(e) à la Coordination 6 mois renouvelables au moins 1 an 02 agosto 2017 18 agosto 2017 Kinshasa
Africa Sierra Leone Country Administrator 12 months 3-5 years 31 luglio 2017 11 agosto 2017 Freetown
RDC Logisticien de Projet ECHO 5 mois renouvelables au moins 5 ans 27 luglio 2017 28 agosto 2017 Kasaï
RDC Administrateur de Projet 10 mois renouvelables au moins 3 ans 26 luglio 2017 28 agosto 2017 Kasaï
Africa Nigeria Construction Engineer 3 months min. 5 years 24 luglio 2017 28 agosto 2017 Maiduguri
Africa Nigeria Assistant Project Manager 6 months renewable 1 year 19 luglio 2017 07 agosto 2017 Yobe State and Abuja
RDC Chef de Projet 6 mois, renouvelable min 3 ans 14 luglio 2017 28 agosto 2017 Luiza
Africa Nigeria Project Administrator 7 months renewable minimum of 5 years 07 luglio 2017 24 luglio 2017 Yobe State
RCA Consultant Agronome 7 jours au moins 5 ans 22 giugno 2017 17 luglio 2017 Bangui
Middle East Head of Mission 6/12 months min 5 years 31 maggio 2017 14 agosto 2017 Middle East
Milan Grants Support Manager 12 months renewable min. 8 years 31 maggio 2017 15 giugno 2017 Milano
RCA Expert Technique Elevage 12 mois renouvelables au moins 5 ans 24 maggio 2017 17 luglio 2017 Bangui
Africa Niger Chargé des Programmes Protection 12 mois au moins 3 ans 19 maggio 2017 02 giugno 2017 Niamey
Africa Niger Assistant Chef de Projet 6 mois renouvelables au moins 2 ans 19 maggio 2017 02 giugno 2017 Niamey
Africa Nigeria Area Coordinator 6 months renewable minimum of 3 years 18 maggio 2017 28 agosto 2017 Yobe State and Abuja
Africa Chad Chef de Mission 12 mois au moins 5 ans 11 maggio 2017 28 agosto 2017 N'Djamena
Chad,RCA Psychologue 6 mois renouvelables au moins 3 ans 11 aprile 2017 28 agosto 2017
Africa Nigeria Nutrition Manager 6 months renewable min. 3 years 25 luglio 2017 14 agosto 2017 Yobe and Borno State
Africa Sudan Project Manager 12 months min. 5 years 04 maggio 2017 28 agosto 2017 El Fasher
Europe Italy Consultant to be defined < 5 years 21 novembre 2016 27 novembre 2016
Africa Chad Administrateur 2 mois 3-5 ans 24 ottobre 2016 04 novembre 2016

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