100 animation games  for Central African Republic
15-11-2016 | di COOPI

100 animation games for Central African Republic

Learning with fun is a question of social and individual responsibility in Central African Republic. COOPI has concluded the project of support to the educational system, financed by UNICEF/GPE, in the prefectures of Ouham  Pendè and Lobaye, and it has published two handbooks deals with animation with 50 games each.

They are two volumes destined to the adults (teachers, educators and socio and cultural animators) about practical use and divided by sectors of ages, but with the exact aim to develop  the physical, reflexive and emotional  potential of all the children. “The animation is the favorite means to promote the integration, the sense of the group and finally the participation to the social life, in a context where the population has been for a long time victim of political and military problems and where are many needs of protection of childhood.” Tell us Paolo Prina, COOPI project leader. “Thanks to the play the children become the favorite intermediaries to promote the contacts and the communications among the different groups, belonging  also to different origins.”

“Air, Earth, Sea”, “Koti Koti! Ko o !”, “ the game of the errors”: download and discover the 50 animation games for Central African Republic volume 1 and volume 2.

“Air, terre, mer”, “Koti Koti ! Ko o!”, “Le jeu des erreurs”: scarica e scopri Les 50 jeux d'animation pour la République Centrafricaine volume 1 e volume 2.


The project of awareness and education


The two handbooks of animation are only one of the results in the context of awareness and education activities realized for the return to school 2016-2017, that have involved 450 teachers, 160 members of the local authorities and 47.556 children in the territory of the 82 schools expected. “On one hand the project wanted to reinforce the local capacities and promote a long time educational process, concentrating on the teachers formation and on the improvement of the education quality “, tell us Paolo Prina. But was fundamental also the activity of promotion to the admission to the primary school, developed with a big program of meetings, debates, collective artistic works (as the Murals of Bangui) and an intense radio communication campaign. “After a formation of forum theater with the staff of the project, were born some messages diffused by Radio Ndeke Luka of Bangui and Radio Voix Pende of Paoua”  tell us Paolo Prina. It is a question of small dialogues  among the different components of the community, parents, village leaders, teachers and the same children who discuss many themes: untimely wedding, discrimination, gender differences, hygiene.  The central message of every dialogue is clear: it is necessary to invest in the children education because they are the future of the community.

“On the whole” concludes Paolo Prina “the innovative approach of this project has had an important impact on the community communication and it testifies the will of COOPI to do of the education a priority in Central African Republic”.