After a Boko Haram attack
07-06-2017 | di COOPI

After a Boko Haram attack

The picture above displays Abubakar Ali with one of our aid worker, a few days after having joined our program of “Immediate humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable population hit by the conflict in North-eastern Nigeria” funded by the EU Humanitarian Aid (ECHO). .

Abubakar was one of the numerous victims of Boko Haram attacks in the Yobe State. The fire lit in his house caused serious burns on his body. His house has been burned down and he has been deprived of the livestock used for farming activities . His only source of income had always been agriculture, but after the attack he was forced to leave, becoming a displaced person.

Luckily, Abubakar managed to move to Ngalda thanks to the support of his family. As the head of the household, he has been chosen by COOPI and directly benefited from the program for displaced persons, receiving food for his family as well as kits including hygiene products. One of his wives was also able to join training activities on Infant and Young Children Feeding (IYCF) practices.

The man is now able to smile and expresses deep gratitude for the support received from COOPI.