Car: civil protection and security must be the priority
08-02-2016 | di COOPI

Car: civil protection and security must be the priority



It's been 2 years since violence erupted in Central African Republic. according to ECHO. Together with the International NGOs working in the country, COOPI pleads the United Nations Multi-Dimensional Integrated Stabilisation Mission (MINUSCA) to restore stability, protect civilians and facilitate humanitarian access to people in need

Filippo Brisighelli, COOPI project leader in CAR

Last 10th March, Filippo Brisighelli one of COOPI project leader in Central African Republic delivered a message to the United Nations Security Council visiting the country, on behalf of 21 international non-governmental organizations working in the Country.

As reported by, "Filippo Brisighelli met the Council's Ambassadors in Bria, 300 miles east from Bangui, a city of about 35,000 inhabitants, which until a month ago was under control of the Séléka ethnic group. At the meeting, Brisighelli brought to the attention of the Council, led by the French Ambassador Francois Delattre (the rotating president for the month of March) the role of MINUSCA in ensuring better security for the delivery of humanitarian assistance in the area".

It's written in the message addressed to the UN: "After the eruption of violence in December 2013,  the humanitarian crisis in the Central African Republic is  still ongoing  in March 2015:  security  is  not  fully  restored  and half the population  is still  in  need  of  emergency  assistance.  The  situation  remains  precarious  and  deadly,  with  the national government and the international community  still  having great difficulty  to  reduce the ongoing  insecurity  that  significantly  jeopardises  civilian  protection  and  affects  the  overall humanitarian response.

While appreciating the UN Security council and Member States'  support  to CAR    including aid and peacekeeping   that  helped  saving  countless lives and reducing  the suffering  of  thousands of  people,  the  International  NGO  signatories  of  this  document  plead  for  the  United  Nations Multi-Dimensional Integrated Stabilisation Mission (MINUSCA)  to deliver on its vital mandate to restore  stability,  protect  civilians,   create  the  conditions  for  the  recovery  of  Central  Africans from this crisis and to facilitate humanitarian access to the Central African people in need."

Read the complete Message to the UN Security council (.pdf, 410KB).