CAR : the opening of a second shop-restaurant in Bangui
03-12-2018 | di COOPI

CAR : the opening of a second shop-restaurant in Bangui

A second shop-restaurant specialising in poultry products opened its doors on Friday 30 November 2018 at the North Terminal, as part of the activities in the project "Support for the development of the poultry sector in the urban and peri-urban areas of Bangui", funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS).

This shop-restaurant - like the one in Lakouanga, entirely funded by the project - was opened with the aim of relaunching the market of poultry products to support poultry farmers in Bangui and promote social cohesion within the communities.

To this end, COOPI organised an official launch ceremony of the shop's activities, coordinated by its supervisor, Laetitia Grengou. Several key figures of the project appeared on stage to say a few words about the construction of the shop: the secretary of the National Association of Poultry Groups of Central Africa (ANGAC), Sylvestre Bengout, was the first to express his gratitude to AICS and COOPI for furnishing the shop and taking care of its facilities (kits, equipment, etc..).

COOPI Head of Mission Luis Sisto also expressed his thanks to the various partners and stressed the importance of successful management by ANGAC. AICS representative Thomas Parma thanked the partners and underlined the good cooperation with the government. Finally, Representative of the Mayor of Bangui Sylvain Djiamani praised the importance that these initiatives have for the city given their role in revitalizing the poultry market in Bangui.

Following the speeches, the nearly-twenty guests followed project manager Hermeland Brissolo to a visit of the shop-restaurant. It consists of a large service room, a counter, a kitchen and an outdoor kitchen. The walls of the service room provide information on good eating habits and are designed to remind or teach customers about good hygiene and nutrition practices.

The local radio station Ndekéluka was also invited to the event to introduce the shop-restaurant to the inhabitants of Bangui and its relevance as a hub in the rebirth of poultry products. As a conclusion to the ceremony, guests gathered around a menu prepared by the Lakouanga restaurant and shop: breaded chicken breasts and pizzas - a sign of homage to the Italian roots of COOPI and AICS.

Before the celebration was over, COOPI representative handed over the symbolic keys of the shop to ANGAC, which will be responsible for the shop-restaurant (and the one in Lakouanga) and will have the task of carrying on these initiatives.

The ceremony also marks the end of the 13-month AICS-funded project, mentioned above. To name a few of the activities carried out: the identification of agricultural and poultry producers in Bangui and the surrounding area; the training of beneficiaries in accounting and marketing; activities meant to increase awareness about food variety; the distribution of chicken kits to 130 poultry farmers; the construction of the Samba poultry breeding station ; the purchase of raw materials. Finally, the opening of catering shops.