Chad: strengthening local women's organizations to build peace
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12-12-2023 | di COOPI

Chad: strengthening local women's organizations to build peace

The project "Gender and Peace: let's mobilize for an inclusive peace-building process" has been launched in Chad, coordinated by COOPI – Cooperazione Internazionale and carried out with financial support from the Commonwealth Foreign and Development Office (CFDO) of UK government, from August 2023.

The project, that will end in September 2024, aims to contribute to peace-building in the Lake Chad area and the reduction of social conflict, mainly related to poor economic opportunities. To make it possible a peaceful community coexistence, women, youth, and women's organizations are being targeted in particular through the mediation of two local partners.

Crucial, then, is the strengthening of the local women's organization’s network, such as the two project partners: the Agency for Cooperation and Research in Development (ACORD), a pan-African nongovernmental organization, and the Liaison Unit for Women's Associations of Chad (CELIAF), a network of more than 450 nongovernmental organizations dedicated to promoting women's rights in the country.

As stated by COOPI project manager Sidiki Aboubakar Mfokoue during the inauguration ceremony in Bol, the involvement of women is an essential factor in the strategy to support the Government in resolving inter-community conflicts in the departments of Fouli, Kaya, Wayi, and Mamdi.

The prefect of Mambi, Mahamat Béchir Mahamat, represented the governor at the event. He reiterated the support of local authorities in the implementation of this project, which is in line with the government's policy on gender and peace carried out through the ratification of various texts and laws as well as conventions and agreements.